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Boron is essential for cell division, development of

cell walls, pod setting in soybeans, and managing

carbohydrate levels. Bor-Hold provides plants, in

particular, soybeans the Boron needed to achieve

these functions.

Although Bor-Hold contains 7.5% Boron, it differs

from straight Boron by utilizing an absorption

technology which allows a low usage rate to be

applied through a foliar application. This means that

the plant will absorb Bor-Hold much more efficiently

then it would straight Boron.

In simple terms using Bor-Hold will allow for the

soybean plant to set more pods and better fill existing

pods resulting in higher yields. Bor-Hold is one of

our lowest cost per acre products and also one of our

most reliable products delivering year and year

results in all parts of the country.

  • Help manage carbohydrate levels

  • Set Fuller & More Pods

  • Extremely Inexpensive!

  • More Efficient Than Straight Boron.

Application Rate:

Apply 16 ounces per acre

foliar at the R2 stage in soybeans.

May be mixed with

fungicide for cost effective

application method.

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