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Nitro-Hold & Nitro-Hold AA are chemical nitrogen

stabilizers and nitrogen enhancers. The Nitro-Hold

products have a unique mode of action that allows

treatment of the nitrogen itself, not the soil you are

applying it to.

Nitro-Hold utilizes a two-step process that when

applied has shown to reduce nitrate leaching up to

47% and improve nitrogen efficiency by up to 25%.

Nitro-Hold’s first step in the process is to create an

environment that allows the ammonia portion of the

nitrogen to be converted to free ranging ammonium.

The second step of the process is utilizing the products

polymer technology that attaches the newly created

ammonium to the soil colloids in the root zone.

Completing this process will allow the nitrogen applied

to not only stay in the root zone much longer, but also

become more plant available for steady, even growth

throughout the entire season!

  • Non-Corrosive

  • For Use With Urea, UAN, & Manure

  • Less Expensive Than

  • Leading Competition!

  • No Detrimental Impact to Nitrifying Bacteria

Application Rates:

UREA: 64 ounces/ton

LIQUID UAN: 48 ounces/ton

MANURE: 18 ounces/acre in most cases


  • Non-Corrosive

  • For Use With Anhydrous

  • Less Expensive Than Leading Competition!

  • No Detrimental Impact to Nitrifying Bacteria

Application Rate: 6 ounces per 50 units of Nitrogen

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