Phos-Hold is a phosphorus management aid that helps

prevent P fixation in the soil and enhances P

uptake. Phos-Hold increases phosphorus availability

and efficiency.

Phos-Hold advantages include:

• Increases phosphorus availability and efficiency

• Reduces phosphorus fixation

• Improves soil structure and pore space

• Environmentally safe

• Apply directly into manure pit or lagoon.

One Product for:

• Dry

• Liquid

• Manure

Application Rates:

Granular Phospate Fertilizer: 2 qts.of Phos-Hold per ton

Liquid Phosphate Fertilizer: 3 qts. of Phos-Hold per ton

Liquid Manure Fertilizer: 1 qt. per 5,000 Gallons of Manure


Mixing Instructions:


Dry: Phos-Hold may be impregnated on dry phosphate

fertilizer prior to adding potash or urea. For best results spray material into blender.

Liquid: Phos-Hold may be mixed with liquid fertilizers such as starter or side dress liquid blends.  It is recommended to jar test with pesticides, adjuvants and other products before tank mixing.