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Herbicide-Hold is a proprietary blend of high quality

surfactants and ammonium salts. Herbicide-Hold is

a liquid AMS replacement that will enhance the

activity of certain post-emergence herbicides.

An AMS replacement Herbicide-Hold is designed to

have extreme ease of use, high performance, and

low cost. The liquid product contains AMS along with

a built in surfactant, anti-drift, defoamer, water

conditioner, and most importantly an absorption


At an application rate of 1-2 quarts per 100 gallons of

water, a little Herbicide-Hold goes a long way. In fact

1-2 quarts of Herbicide-Hold will replace 17lbs of

traditional AMS. Finally, Herbicide-Hold is noncorrosive

and easy to mix with most herbicides.

  • Liquid AMS replacement

  • All in one drift control, surfactants, defoamer, & ammonium salts

  • Water conditioner

  • Absorption activator

  • Non-Corrosive

  • Low use rate

  • Easy to handle



Application Rate

Apply 1-2 qts. of Herbicide-Hold per

100 gallons of water.

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